Decorating tips

When you come to the store, we’ll first discuss your expectations then provide you with some furniture options to meet your needs. A warm welcome, listening and personalized advice are the cornerstones of our approach.

If you like, we will be happy to visit you at home. This will enable us to better understand your world and lifestyle and provide you with best possible advice.

If you want, we can also bring sample furniture to give you a first look at the final effect.

After-sales service

Our service doesn’t end with delivery: we follow up with you to address any issues you may have. “A happy customer is always our best reference!”

Plaisir du Jardin

It has been nearly 30 years since PLAISIR DU JARDIN opened a garden furniture shop in Brussels (1180 Uccle, between the Wellington and Petite Espinette Centrale) on the edge of the Soignes Forest. The opening came soon after that of four PLAISIR DU JARDIN shops in South Africa. (Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and Cape Town)

The showroom was recently renovated and expanded to provide the best possible display space for the major furniture brands we offer... (MANUTTI, ROYAL BOTANIA, FERMOB, JOLI, FAST…)

Just in Time

Buying decisions are often impulsive. PLAISIR DU JARDIN also keeps a large inventory in its warehouses year round to fulfil your orders as quickly as possible.

We deliver everywhere in the world and on a regular basis to France, Spain and Switzerland.



Investing in a garden furniture set can be quite costly, which means that you have to trust your partner. Don’t hesitate to come and meet with us at the store. Bring a project plan and/or pictures of your property with you. They will enable us to discuss ideas for your garden and terrace with you. We want to get to know you better to be able to provide you with the best possible advice for your project. If you are satisfied with our proposal, you will become a precious “active reference”.

We can then come to your home to get a better understanding of your environment and the architecture of your house, evaluate the space and shape of your terrace and give you the best possible advice on the furniture best suited to your needs.

If you find that you are hesitating about the right choice, Plaisir du Jardin can bring selected furniture to your terrace to enable you to better visualize the final result.

We can also bring you to the showrooms of our main supplier partners who have the complete collections on their premises.


Plaisir du Jardin delivers in Belgium and throughout France with its own, well-trained, staff. They will assembly and install the garden furniture on your terrace and lawn, remove the boxes, advise you on the use and maintenance of your garden furniture etc.

Our major export markets are France and Switzerland. Our customers know the benefit of buying leading garden furniture brands in Belgium where prices are up to 15% lower... the inefficiency of the marketplace!

Plaisir du Jardin has special partnerships with transport companies to provide delivery around the world. We have particularly good coverage in Africa where we are sometimes assisted by our four Plaisir du Jardin stores in South Africa.


Our best guarantee is the “trust” you have in your reseller: Plaisir du Jardin has made after-sales service a strong commercial argument. We know that happy customers will recommend us to others. We have been in business for over 25 years !

In addition to the irreproachable quality of the outdoor furniture supplied by “leading garden furniture brands”, they also provide clear, reliable warranties. In addition to the warranty period granted, Plaisir du Jardin uses its special relationship with its supplier partners to improve the solution provided.

Garden furniture is subject to sometimes harsh weather conditions: the furniture must be taken good care of (for example, parasols must be closed when the wind starts to gust…) and maintained based on the materials the garden furniture is made with :

Teak: major garden furniture brands make their furniture with “grade A” teak wood. This means that they use the inner portion of teak trunks that are over 80 years old. The teak is dried in special ovens that dry the wood as thoroughly as possible. We don’t recommend oiling your teak furniture: “grade A” teak is a hardwood which breaths and oiling it can have a negative result, such as the appearance of black humidity stains. You shouldn’t cover teak furniture with a dust cover either: “grade A” teak won’t rot or become damaged outdoors, but it does need to breath.

Of course, unoiled teak will gradually turn silver-grey in colour, which is part of its charm.

After the winter, your teak furniture must be cleaned. Winter dampness will cover it with some light moss: you can use a special teak cleaner and carefully rinse with clean water...Never use a “Kärcher”! Next, use teak sealer to give the wood is original colour back. The use of a teak protector will make cleaning stains easier during the season.

If your teak is damaged by a cigarette burn, for example, you can sand down the area. The wood is very hard and won’t be damaged.

Ceramic: ceramic has been introduced as a new table top material over the past years. In addition to a highly decorative look, your table will be equally at ease indoors and out. The material can’t be scratched. Ceramic can, however, break if it is mishandled. Ceramic is easy to maintain with soapy water.


Batyline and Textylene: extensive use is made of these petroleum-based synthetic fabrics which make your garden chairs and armchairs very comfortable without the need for cushions. Rain will not affect the fabric, which is not the case for cushions which should be brought inside. Leading garden furniture brands only use batyline (made in a French factory under the Ferrari brand). Batyline will not discolour in the sun. This is important if you buy table chairs and armchairs in this white material. On the other hand, white textylene can yellow quickly. Washing with soapy water and a clean water rinse is all that’s needed to maintain your batyline or textylene.

Stainless steel and aluminium: aluminium has taken over the garden furniture market over the past three years. The advantage of this material is that it can be easily powder-coated in different colours. It is also lighter and less expensive than stainless steel.


Stainless steel must be electropolished if the garden furniture is made with 304 grade steel and will be used at the seashore (electropolishing isn’t required if the steel is 316 grade).

Aluminium is easy to maintain: simply wash with soapy water and rinse. Stainless steel should be cleaned with a rag and a special product to remove stains and make the steel shine (stainless steel cleaner/polish)

Woven resin: this is a synthetic material made from oil. It comes in (round or flat) fibres which can be easily woven around an aluminium frame (to avoid rusting). The fibres can be easily dyed in many different colours.

The fibres are easy to maintain with soapy water and a clean water rinse.


Plaisir du Jardin sells many chairs… and even more cushions!

Our workshop can make custom cushions for your indoor and outdoor furniture using our fabrics (+/- 250 Sunbrella fabrics) or with your fabrics.

Plaisir du Jardin will give you the best estimate based on the pattern selected.